Friday life drawing at the Cartoon Museum: Dylan Dog

Life drawing tribute to the DYLAN DOG comic!
For this session, a team of Italian models, Tatiana & Claudio, will be introducing us to their favourite Italian comic book hero, the paranormal investigator Dylan Dog.
In this Italian horror comics series set in London, Dylan Dog is a penniless “nightmare investigator” (“L’indagatore dell’incubo”) who defies the whole preceding horror tradition with a vein of surrealism and an anti-bourgeois rhetoric. His clothes are one of his defining characteristics: he always dresses the same way, in a red shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans; he bought twelve identical outfits after the death of his lover Lillie Connolly.  Dylan cares little for many aspects of modern life. He hates cellphones and to record his memories, he still uses a feather-pen and an inkpot. Naturally, he loves literature (poetry in particular), music (his tastes range from classical to heavy metal), and horror films. He is also a hopeless romantic who loves and loses a new woman in nearly every issue. In fact, in a majority of his cases, his clients are women, with whom he often has a sexual relationship.
With costumes and props, our beautiful Italian models will evoke the occult detective tales of this ‘Nightmare investigator’, taking you through evocative, romantic, inspiring scenes, inviting you to create your own storyboard.
Join us for this dynamic life drawing specifically tailored to the needs of cartoonists and illustrators, accompanied by a spooky atmospheric soundtrack!
£15 advance, £20 on the door.
Entry includes admission to the museum and free art materials courtesy of GreatArt.
Studio lights, tables, drawing boards and easels available.
Accessible venue.
All ages welcome.
Life drawing session starts at 7pm, but the ticket holders are very welcome to come from 6:30 and look around the museum to draw inspiration!

‎Valentine’s Vice at Bishopsgate Institute

This year we start working at an incredibly exciting new venue: Bishopsgate Institute!

What better way to launch this exciting collab if not on a naughty Valentine’s night, where you will have a chance to draw our models – Manko and Tatiana – wearing Torture Garden Latex,  and enjoy other kinky entertainment for a ticket of mere £5! But hurry – spaces are very limited.

NB: This is a 18+ event.

Looking for an alternative way to spend Valentine’s Day? Join the Bishopsgate Institute for a deep dive in to our archive’s Erotica and Pornography Collection…

Flirt with a stranger, impress a new beau, or spice up a relationship, over life drawing with Art Model Collective, talks from professional dominatrix Miss Kim Rub and treasures from the darkest depths of our archive.

The evening’s programme:

Art Model Collective (19:00 – 22:00)
Drop into a fetish and erotica-themed life drawing session run by Art Model Collective at any time across the evening. Models will be costumed (think rubber…) and poses will be accompanied by a soundtrack and intermittent erotic readings from the Institute’s Erotica and Pornography Collection.

Miss Kim Rub (20:00 and 21:00)
Enjoy two pop-up talks from professional dominatrix Miss Kim Rub, whose archive is part of the Bishopsgate Institute’s Collection. Miss Kim will be reflecting on her career as a dominatrix and 30+ years of experience in the fetish scene. She will also be talking about how to learn your craft and be a true professional dominatrix.

Archive Pop-Up (19:00 – 22:00)
We’ll be pulling out all the good stuff from the darkest depths of our archives, so take the opportunity to explore them at any time across the evening!

In a beautiful historic building in Spitalfields / Liverpool Street Station, this institution was ‘erected for the benefit of the public’ in 1894 with the motto ‘I grow old but I do not grow lazy’, and to this day they continue to be home for ideas and debate, learning and enquiry, with the mission to inspire independent thought, connecting past and present.

Bishopsgate Library contains 150,000 books, and holds nationally-important archives on London history, socialism, activism, feminism, LGBTQ+ history, free thought and humanism, as well as a wide adult learning programme.