AMC Sundays at LARA: the Renaissance Nude life drawing with Manko and Carla

Welcome to another relaxed Sunday afternoon life drawing session with Art Model Collective!
‘The Renaissance Nude’, currently on show – until June 2nd – at the Royal Academy will be the main inspiration behind this multi-model session.
And how could we have ignored this phenomenal mix of mega valuable masterpieces that explore the “developments that elevated the nude to play a pivotal role in the art from 1400 to 1530”?!
Academic drawing is mainly about the nude figure, and this exhibition shows a fabulous juxtaposition of work from different regions of Europe that demonstrate how the nude was at the time a major concern for the Arts.
AMC will pay tribute to this beautiful and relevant exhibition by recreating with two female models – Carla and Manko – some of the characteristically languid Renaissance visions of femininity.
You will be drawing the long wavy hair and sublime poses that are a constant theme throughout the Renaissance era, seen as the most recognisable ideal of femininity.
During this 3 hours session on a highly wonderful Sunday, as the models attempt to emulate the period’s idealisation of the body, you can also expect lots of luscious red and blue velvet backdrops and floating drapery.
But, in order to do justice to this exhibition’s amazing selection of art, we will be bringing a depiction of the human body that reflects vulnerability too.
The afternoon will also include some haunting depictions of the nude with a rather demonic vision of female flesh: The drawing, ‘Luxuria’ by Pisanello, included in ‘The Renaissance Nude’ in particular caught our eye. It seems to be a drawing out of time, belonging perfectly in the 20th century, something that could so easily have been created during an AMC session…we are not exaggerating! Expect  a tribute to this powerful drawing during the day’s session, along with the Venus of Titian and much more!
These sessions are untutored and open to every level of skill.
LARA provide easels, chairs and drawing boards.
We will have a selection of paper and free materials courtesy of GreatArt.
The spaces are limited to 30, tickets  on sale via EventBrite.

RIOT GRRRL! multimodel life drawing session

Finally! A much anticipated multi-model life drawing theme with a riotous soundtrack!
Art Model Collective celebrates the Riot Grrrls in music.

February 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, in which *some* women got to vote for the first time in the UK.
To celebrate this key step in the process towards female emancipation and universal suffrage, we are hailing the irrepressible female spirit with a Riot Grrrl life drawing session!

Riot grrrl is an underground subculture movement originating in the early 1990s, organised to end ageism, homophobia, racism, sexism and, especially, physical and emotional violence against women and girls, through music, DIY ethic, zines, art, political action, and activism.

Our models will embrace each other in pure feminist consciousness and punk style as much as the original Rior Grrrls embraced their guitars, voice, and grassroots politics.

All levels welcome
Hosted by Jason Atomic
Admission on the door: £15
(As usual, we welcome other life models who have worked with AMC before to come and draw free of charge)

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

Please join us for a drink afterwards! We’re a friendly bunch of like-minded creatives and enjoy chatting, brainstorming, getting feedback and swapping ideas!

Evoke Archetypes: drawing Tarot with Gene Serene

In 2017, Art Model Collective started creating a series of collaborative multi-model life drawing events, recreating some of the major arcana of Tarot cards.

Evoke Archetypes

EVOKE ARCHETYPES is an ongoing project by Gene Serene, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and our guest of this session, whom we have been most lucky to invite during her London visits to hail us with an original soundtrack, indepth research, magick and insight of Evoking Archetypes for our London audience or artists.

Art Model Collective: Evoke Archetypes with Gene Serene

Evoke Archetypes session with Gene Serene

Many artists, such as Salvador Dali, have drawn their own decks of Tarot Cards. Carla and Manko invited a plethora of talented models and built sets to bring to life the powerful archetypes of Major Arcana, posing for the audience of artists in classical Tarot poses and costumes.

Art Model Collective Evoke Archetypes: Strength. Photo by Toby Deveson

Art Model Collective Tarot life drawing: The Devil. Evoke Archetypes with Gene Serene

Art Model Collective Tarot life drawing: The Devil with Manko, Carla and Christopher. Photo by Jason Atomic

art model collective tarot evoke archetypes manko carla angel

Fool – High Priestess – Magician (Manko-Carla-Angel). Photos by Drucilla Burrell

Genie, the concept designer of Evoke Archetypes project, is also truly a very thorough spiritual and musical host of these sessions. Prior to the sessions, she performs a Tarot reading, allowing the cards from Major Arcana to decide which characters we shall bring to life on stage. Before we begin the session, Genie sets up her altar and purifies the space of the event with incantations, bells, sage and salt.

Gene Serene card reading for the line-up of Evoke Archetypes IV

Genie says:

“I first stumbled upon the tarot as a young girl and since have been fascinated by the history, many attributes and allegory as well as the tarots more widely understood uses as a tool for self development, divination and spiritual communication.

Last year I began my artists residency in Berlin and focused on the Major Arcana. I began working with these themes with the idea to compose and design a series of symbols, composing music, and marked on a study of these powerful archetypal energies.

Joining forces with Art Model Collective allowed me not only to study these archetypes, but bring them to life, create a space and an environment where the Major Arcana are not just a series of images or philosophy, but really bring them into the physical world.

Gene Serene with Art Model Collective at Underdog Gallery

Artists are thereby given a wonderful and unique opportunity to draw; music and words are written and composed, creating a setting in where these energies can be called using models as avatars symbolically posed to represent each “Card”… and so each event manifests into a journey and compete experience. I feel it allows us to be in the presence of these intangible and yet definite archetypes that lie within and without us all…

Gene Serene set and stage at Underdog Gallery

The tarot is a major path-working and development tool which can be used in so many ways, not only in its more common experience of divination, but for personal and spiritual growth. It’s  wonderful to have found this way to work with them, and an incredible experience so far.”

Art Model Collective: drawing Tarot: Tower with Gene Serene

Art Model Collective: Evoke Archetypes series with Gene Serene, Carla and Manko. The Tower, photo by Jason Atomic

So far, we’ve evoked these archetypes:

11 April 2017: The Fool – Magician – High Priestess.

23 May 2017: The Lovers – Death – The Devil.

26 July 2017: The World – Judgment – The Tower.

31 October 2017: Strength – Chariot – Temperance.

3 April 2018: Wheel Of Fortune – Hermit  – Emperor.

Coming up on 29 January 2019 – “DRAWING TAROT: Best Of” session with Manko and Carla at Underdog Gallery

Some of the Tarot Archetypes we have evoked so far…

AMC Tarot: Hermit with Mike Flight. Photo by Manko

AMC Tarot: Emperor with Mike Flight, Manko and Carla. Photo by Jason Atomic

AMC Tarot: Wheel Of Fortune with models Manko and Carla. Photo by Jason Atomic