AMC at LARA: tutored 360° pose life drawing

And now for something different for a traditional classical atelier: join this popular animation workshop with Art Model Collective and a guest tutor: talented animator, illustrator and a life drawing fiend, Aaron Jacob Jones!

This is an exciting opportunity to animate your drawings from life with the supervision and guidance by a pro animator.

We will set up one single pose in the life room on a rotating platform, and work with Aaron to help you animate your life drawings during this 3 hour session.

Our model Claudio will be posing as the classical sculpture of Saint Sebastian, an early Christian martyr and the subject of countless artworks that show him as a near-naked youth writhing as he is shot with arrows. What an exciting, sensuous and beautiful story to bring to life!

We’re going to spin Claudio 360 degrees and give everyone 8 different angles of the same pose. Aaron will guide you through the technicalities, suggesting to capture each angle as consistently as you can, using the same materials, colours and scale. At the end of the session, Aaron will explain how to turn your drawings into a spinning animation, using a website, a mobile app or even Photoshop. Even the simplest sketches will blend together to create the illusion of spinning movement.

The exercise will enhance your understanding of how to capture the structure of the figure in 3D, and seeing your artwork animated is always a quirky delight! 

TICKETS: £20 (plus booking fee) on EventBrite (spaces are strictly limited).

LARA provide easels, chairs and drawing boards.
Wheelchair access available.
Paper, pencils, charcoal, pastel and other materials included, courtesy of GreatArt.