AMC Library Late at Bishopsgate Institute. “Archive Alive”: Dawson family

Sadly, though not surprisingly, the venue is stopping events til future notice due to the virus outbreak, and this event had to be cancelled.


AMC models already posed at Bishopsgate Institute during the Valentine’s Vice Lates event, with readings accompanying the poses – and they will return again on Wed 25 March!

Bishopsgate Institute is excited to be launching a new life drawing collaboration with Art Model Collective, Archive Alive.

Library Lates will welcome guests to this beautiful Victorian library during the closing hours, where costumed life models will literally bring characters from the library archive to life, posing and reading from texts in our Collections.

To mark Women’s History Month, for March we will be drawing a modern take on the Dawson Family – educators, feminists and suffragists.

You can also enjoy exploring a pop-up archive display and bar which will accompany each session.

Tickets £16:

Art materials included in the ticket price, courtesy of GreatArt.

Friday sessions at the Cartoon Museum: mark making

Tips & Hints, Process and techniques!

On this Friday evening session in Central London, we invite you to take part in life drawing from a model, which is also an interactive art lab!

The next life drawing session at the Cartoon Museum is designed to be a good jumping-on point for new artists, or a chance for professionals to share ideas and try new approaches.

The current “Dear Mr. Poole” exhibition at the Cartoon Museum celebrates the life of the legendary dip pen specialist, who owned the largest collection of pen nibs in the world, and was internationally renowned for his unparalleled nib knowledge, and talent for sourcing the rarest of pens.

As the Cartoon Museum brings a programme of events devoted to sharing process and techniques, we are designing a life drawing session about dramatic mark-making!

Imagine strong black graphic shapes breaking up the body of the model – a bold sweep of the boot, a feathery flick of the hair. It will be all about dynamic, expressive, elevated poses!

What’s more, we are inviting our new and regular artists alike to ask questions and share practical tips and hints with each other. As we have so many talented professional artists attend our life drawing sessions, let’s ask them questions and let’s play with different techniques we can use to improve our life drawing!

If you want to improve your practice, if you’d like to try new art materials and techniques, this more interactive and experimental session will be great for you.

We will have a range of materials for you to test, courtesy of our sponsors, Great Art.

£15 advance, £20 on the door.
Entry includes admission to the museum and free art materials courtesy of GreatArt.

Plenty of table space, drawing boards and easels available.

Life drawing session starts at 7pm, but the ticket holders are very welcome to come from 6:30 and check out the exhibition to draw inspiration:

Friday life drawing BREAKUP – AMC at the Cartoon Museum 1/5

On Friday 24th of January Art Model Collective return to the Cartoon Museum with a themed life drawing session aimed at cartoonists and illustrators.

We wanted to create a session relevant to current affairs but the divisive nature of current politics has left us heavy hearted. We couldn’t bring ourselves to mention the “B word” that is dominating the news and so, by way of allegory, let us present “Breakup” – a session inspired by the angsty melodrama of vintage romance comics & accompanied by a specially curated soundtrack.
This session introduces, new model, Paulina to the AMC ranks.

These fun, expressive, dynamic, untutored sessions are aimed at providing a resource for cartoonists and illustrators.

£15 advance, £20 on the door.

Entry includes admission to the museum and free art materials courtesy of GreatArt.

Plenty of table space, drawing boards and easels available.

Life drawing session starts at 7pm, but the ticket holders are very welcome to come from 6:30 and look around the museum to draw inspiration.


Accessible venue.

All ages and abilities welcome.

“WELCOME TO THE FUTURE”: Retro Futurist themed Fashion Life Drawing benefit for Horse Hospital

Attention, fashion fans!

Art Model Collective and Horse Hospital Gallery present:
Retro Futurist themed Fashion Life Drawing

To start the new decade with a bang, and a generous helping of good will, Art Model Collective are hosting another benefit life drawing session to support the legal fund of our beloved iconic independent London art venue, The Horse Hospital.

What better theme could we start the new decade with than Retro Futurism, featuring models styled in fantastic clothes from the vast Contemporary Wardrobe Collection!

AMC models Kat and Manko will be posing to the carefully curated inspiring soundtrack from Kat, including:
Blade Runner, Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds, Forbidden Planet, Back to the Future, DUNE, Mars Attacks and many more!

Tickets: £15 in advance, £20 on the door

Art materials included
All ages
Accessible venue with a bar

Door time: 7:00pm, Start time: 7:30pm

All the proceeds go to the support of the Horse Hospital’s legal fund.
Be a part of saving an independent venue from gentrification, while treating yourself to an artventure in fashion illustration, capturing some truly outstanding looks!

Situated upstairs from the Horse Hospital, Contemporary Wardrobe is a specialist hire company set up in 1978, supplying vintage street fashion, couture items and accessories to the Film, TV and Fashion industries. Born out of a passion for youth culture, and recognition of street fashion’s importance in our social history, the collection now exceeds some twenty thousand garments, mostly designed between 1945 and the present day, and representing a multitude of diverse British and American youth movements and cult fashions.

Art Model Collective: Kat and Manko at the Horse Hospital

Art by Woody Hegedus. AMC at the Horse Hospital



Special Offer! 5 life drawing sessions for £60 at Cartoon Museum

Following the success of the life drawing events at the Cartoon Museum, we are delighted to announce that we will be starting the New Year with regular bi-weekly Friday evening life drawing sessions.

To mark this milestone, we confirmed 5 advance dates at the Cartoon Museum, and created this super deal:


I.e., If you buy tickets to all five Friday dates, you pay only £60.
(Regular ticket price: £15 adv, £20 OTD)

Fridays, 7-9:30pm on
January 24, February 7, February 21, March 6, March 20.


Great gift opportunity for yourself or a beloved artist friend in your life!

Deal available in December 2019 only.

In 2019, AMC models held five very different and exciting life drawing events at this adorable museum in the very centre of London. We are delighted to continue in 2020!

These fun, expressive, dynamic, untutored sessions are aimed at providing a resource for cartoonists and illustrators. Professional models pose with playful props and evocative soundtrack, drawing inspiration from the Cartoon Museum’s vast archive.

7-9:30pm at the Cartoon Museum, Wells Street (off Oxford Street).

Entry includes admission to the museum and free art materials courtesy of GreatArt.

Plenty of table space, drawing boards and easels available.

All ages welcome.

Accessible venue.

Life drawing session starts at 7pm, but the ticket holders are very welcome to come from 6:30 and look around the museum to draw inspiration.

See you in the next decade! May it be filled with joy and creativity. Happy holidays!

Art Model Collective at the Cartoon Museum 2019

AMC life drawing at the comic con (LFCC 2019)

A fresh landmark in Art Model Collective’s achievements took place on July 27 at the London Film And Comic Convention. Pow pow! We were invited by our new partner, the Cartoon Museum, to host a drop-in life drawing session at their LFCC stand!

As a tester for our first time at a comic con, we brought he classic theme of “Catsuits and Rayguns”, modelled by Manko and assisted by Jason Atomic.

Manko posing at “Catsuits And Rayguns” life drawing at LFCC 2019. Art by Chris Geary. Catsuit by Rachel Freire

The Cartoon Museum stand was original in the comic con in that it offered free interactive workshop opportunities to all. In addition, the guest artist Chris Geary (who is also a regular follower of Art Model Collective) gave a generous demo, sketching Manko on the easel facing the hall, so that comic fans could stop and watch the professional cartoonist at work.

Chris Geary drawing at London Film and Comic Convention 2019. Photo by Martin Busby

This art-venture was indeed very successful, capturing the attention and imagination of film and comics fans, darting between merch stalls and film star autograph stands.

Although we have hosted many dedicated sessions aimed at comic fans and illustrators in the past (2000AD 40th anniversary, The Mummy relaunch, and a string of comic-related events at Orbital Comics), this was the first time we have been able to offer a taste of life drawing to such a wide audience. And what a surprising and fulfilling experience it was! We had a wonderfully positive response from professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages.

AMC’s Manko being drawn by LFCC guest artists Chris Geary and Mariela Malova

Young artist Ivy dressed as Poison Ivy sketches Manko

In addition to both professional artists and comics fans joining in with the drawing, we even had some cos-playing volunteer models have a stab at posing!

One comic con visitor told us she hadn’t drawn for 40 years after being criticised by her father, and was so moved by the experience that she burst into tears…

This was a complete contrast to the very confident little girl dressed as Raven from the Teen Titans, who was fascinated by seeing Manko standing still and froze like a statue in emulation of her. “Raven” enthusiastically volunteered to be a guest model and held her pose like an expert while her dad (dressed as Raven’s demon father Trigon) joined the artists in sketching.

Free art materials were provided by the Cartoon Museum – whose mission statement is to champion cartoon and comic art, encourage participation in and raise awareness of a popular artform, and support new work by cartoonists and comics artists…

Then perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are starting to host regular life drawing sessions at the new custom built home of this colourful and playful museum, starting from September 1st. Check this out!

And we hope to bring another life drawing session to the public at another of the fabulously fun and adventurous comic cons in the near future.

Watch this space!

Life drawing at London Film and Comic Convention 2019. Model: Manko. Photo by Martin Busby


DRAWING INSPIRATION at The Cartoon Museum!

London’s legendary Cartoon Museum is about to relaunch this summer, but before they do, we just might be able to take you on a sneak peek tour of this, frankly, incredible brand new custom-built space!

Before the museum moves in, before the books land on shelves, Art Model Collective models have a one-in-a-lifetime chance to take you behind the scenes of the incredibly exciting, fully customised immersive labyrinth of bright toon rooms come to life, which soon will be hosting the brilliant collection of this legendary museum.

With complimentary life drawing materials in your hands, AMC models will draw from the archives to evoke characters and poses, introducing you to the new incarnation of the Cartoon Museum, where they get to seriously play with evocative poses: smashing through the giant star of the entrance, cowering under the giant ink drips, or hovering in mysterious custom-lit alcoves.

Art Model Collective are crossing their fingers for future potential of hosting regular drop-in life drawing sessions here, in the convenience of Oxford Circus – please be a part of the feedback!

£15 in advance via Cartoon Museum
£20 on the door (RSVP essential as the museum will still not be open to public – email please)

May Queens – Art Model Collective’s 3rd birthday life drawing celebration

This Mayday Art Model Collective will celebrate its third birthday… Wow! What a journey it’s been so far, and may long it last!

On this joyful milestone, we decided to bring back our first ever theme, “A Spring Clean For The May Queen”, titled after Led Zeppelin lyric from Stairway to Heaven.

Not only that, we’ve invited a fellow artist, organiser, and one of the most inspiring women we know – TATIANA – to be our gorgeous guest model!

On this Tuesday at Underdog Gallery we will crown our models as May Queens – and indeed we want to extend the invitation to all of the AMC models who have ever posed in our sessions to be our dear guests, and to join us at this session both as artists – and models if the mood takes them.

Join us for traditional pagan frolicking around a Maypole, treats, fantasy costumes, themed soundtrack and all the joy of spring!

“If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
Don’t be alarmed now
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen”

Tickets: £15 in advance, £20 cash on the door:

El Día de Los Muertos life drawing & ritual with AMC

El día de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration that is a wonderful example of Latin American religious syncretism. It is a celebration that coincides with a catholic festivity, but which is also larger than life and universally loved, thanks to its bold mix of pop culture, Christian dogma and mind blowing pre-Columbus traditions and beliefs.

When the concept of Catholic sin meets the Aztec glorification of death and the dead, a colourful and perfectly profane celebration like ‘El dia de los Muertos’ comes about, allowing people to enjoy life whilst at the same time paying a happy, colourful tribute to those no longer alive.

Tonight you are invited to a party in our place of residence, the underdog gallery, because ‘mi casa es tu casa’. You are welcome – indeed, encouraged – to bring ‘ofrendas’ – candles, notes, drawings – specially made to remember your loved ones who are no longer trapped in their humans bodies, but still fiercely alive in your heart and beautifully present in spirit.

As a special bonus during the last five minutes of the session – once you have finished drawing the skull faced Carla and Manko – your host Jason Atomic, will guide you in drawing from heart and memory the face of the person – or people – you miss the most.

You will then be able to leave your drawings on AMC’s specially made altar, honouring the wonderful celebration, the aesthetically stunning, the soulful and meaningful, El día de los Muertos.

As always we will, of course, have the perfect playlist, as eclectic as the cultural backgrounds within AMC itself! Expect lots of Mexican cumbias mixed up with latin hip hop and anglo rock and roll!

– – – – – – – – – – – –
£15 in advance at
Or £20 cash on the door

All levels welcome
Bar, table spaces and some easels. Free paper and art materials courtesy by Great Art.

RIOT GRRRL! multimodel life drawing session

Finally! A much anticipated multi-model life drawing theme with a riotous soundtrack!
Art Model Collective celebrates the Riot Grrrls in music.

February 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, in which *some* women got to vote for the first time in the UK.
To celebrate this key step in the process towards female emancipation and universal suffrage, we are hailing the irrepressible female spirit with a Riot Grrrl life drawing session!

Riot grrrl is an underground subculture movement originating in the early 1990s, organised to end ageism, homophobia, racism, sexism and, especially, physical and emotional violence against women and girls, through music, DIY ethic, zines, art, political action, and activism.

Our models will embrace each other in pure feminist consciousness and punk style as much as the original Rior Grrrls embraced their guitars, voice, and grassroots politics.

All levels welcome
Hosted by Jason Atomic
Admission on the door: £15
(As usual, we welcome other life models who have worked with AMC before to come and draw free of charge)

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

Please join us for a drink afterwards! We’re a friendly bunch of like-minded creatives and enjoy chatting, brainstorming, getting feedback and swapping ideas!