AMC Library Late at Bishopsgate Institute. “Archive Alive”: Dawson family

Sadly, though not surprisingly, the venue is stopping events til future notice due to the virus outbreak, and this event had to be cancelled.


AMC models already posed at Bishopsgate Institute during the Valentine’s Vice Lates event, with readings accompanying the poses – and they will return again on Wed 25 March!

Bishopsgate Institute is excited to be launching a new life drawing collaboration with Art Model Collective, Archive Alive.

Library Lates will welcome guests to this beautiful Victorian library during the closing hours, where costumed life models will literally bring characters from the library archive to life, posing and reading from texts in our Collections.

To mark Women’s History Month, for March we will be drawing a modern take on the Dawson Family – educators, feminists and suffragists.

You can also enjoy exploring a pop-up archive display and bar which will accompany each session.

Tickets £16:

Art materials included in the ticket price, courtesy of GreatArt.

AMC at Orbital Comics: Super Fu*!?ng Gay life drawing (in association with Villain)

Save the date in your diary for this Super Fun, Super Colourful and Super Gay superhero life drawing session at your friendly neighbourhood comic shop!

This session is held in association with the artist Villain, whose print exhibition will be on show at Orbital Gallery. Villain playfully subverts the comic book and superhero genres, viewing them through a queer lens. AND HE WILL BE THERE IN PERSON!

The exhibition will feature a team of fictional LGBTQ superheroes, including Captain PrideLady Violet and Flamingo. But which ones of these will this life drawing session bring to life?

Basic materials and refreshments provided.
Price: £20


AMC life drawing at the comic con (LFCC 2019)

A fresh landmark in Art Model Collective’s achievements took place on July 27 at the London Film And Comic Convention. Pow pow! We were invited by our new partner, the Cartoon Museum, to host a drop-in life drawing session at their LFCC stand!

As a tester for our first time at a comic con, we brought he classic theme of “Catsuits and Rayguns”, modelled by Manko and assisted by Jason Atomic.

Manko posing at “Catsuits And Rayguns” life drawing at LFCC 2019. Art by Chris Geary. Catsuit by Rachel Freire

The Cartoon Museum stand was original in the comic con in that it offered free interactive workshop opportunities to all. In addition, the guest artist Chris Geary (who is also a regular follower of Art Model Collective) gave a generous demo, sketching Manko on the easel facing the hall, so that comic fans could stop and watch the professional cartoonist at work.

Chris Geary drawing at London Film and Comic Convention 2019. Photo by Martin Busby

This art-venture was indeed very successful, capturing the attention and imagination of film and comics fans, darting between merch stalls and film star autograph stands.

Although we have hosted many dedicated sessions aimed at comic fans and illustrators in the past (2000AD 40th anniversary, The Mummy relaunch, and a string of comic-related events at Orbital Comics), this was the first time we have been able to offer a taste of life drawing to such a wide audience. And what a surprising and fulfilling experience it was! We had a wonderfully positive response from professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages.

AMC’s Manko being drawn by LFCC guest artists Chris Geary and Mariela Malova

Young artist Ivy dressed as Poison Ivy sketches Manko

In addition to both professional artists and comics fans joining in with the drawing, we even had some cos-playing volunteer models have a stab at posing!

One comic con visitor told us she hadn’t drawn for 40 years after being criticised by her father, and was so moved by the experience that she burst into tears…

This was a complete contrast to the very confident little girl dressed as Raven from the Teen Titans, who was fascinated by seeing Manko standing still and froze like a statue in emulation of her. “Raven” enthusiastically volunteered to be a guest model and held her pose like an expert while her dad (dressed as Raven’s demon father Trigon) joined the artists in sketching.

Free art materials were provided by the Cartoon Museum – whose mission statement is to champion cartoon and comic art, encourage participation in and raise awareness of a popular artform, and support new work by cartoonists and comics artists…

Then perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are starting to host regular life drawing sessions at the new custom built home of this colourful and playful museum, starting from September 1st. Check this out!

And we hope to bring another life drawing session to the public at another of the fabulously fun and adventurous comic cons in the near future.

Watch this space!

Life drawing at London Film and Comic Convention 2019. Model: Manko. Photo by Martin Busby