AMC Sundays at LARA: William Blake life drawing tribute

With the brilliant exhibition of William Blake running at the Tate Britain, we cannot resist to dedicate a life drawing session to this iconic British visionary, mystic, poet and painter.

As we approach “the dark half of the year” and the fabric between the physical and the ethereal worlds grows thin, it is the perfect time to dive into the supernatural, to hop on the back of a “ghost of a flea”, to get away with the fairies, to join in with William Blake’s extraordinary mind, vision and spirit, embracing its mysticism and poetry.

We will have another evocative 3 hour Sunday life drawing session at the atelier with atmospheric soundtrack, themed props, 10-40min poses, and good proximity to the subjects in the specially designed life drawing studio.

Places are strictly limited and tickets advance only.

Free art materials, large boards and easels, and paper up to A2 size is included in the price.

These sessions are relaxed, immersive and untutored, however if you need assistance and tips of life drawing, please request it before the session.

NB: This is a functional art school, so there is no bar, but feel free to BYOB.


The collaboration between AMC and LARA is a unique blend of your beloved AMC events set in an inspiring academic environment. LARA is unique in being the contemporary-minded atelier that welcomes AMC to reinvigorate life drawing.

AMC Sundays at LARA: Paula Rego

On a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer, Art Model Collective will bring a strong feminine vibe to LARA’s life room.

Two expert figure models will embrace their art hero, evoking the Magic Realist styling of the extraordinary world of Paula Rego.

AMC founder Manko will pose alongside with a professional ballet dancer Miriam to evoke the mixture of comedy and grace of the “Dancing Ostriches”!

Paula Rego was born into a privileged family in Portugal during a dictatorship, studied at the Slade under Lucian Freud, began exhibiting with the London Group in the 1960s alongside David Hockney. She became the first associate artist at the National Gallery and today is one of our greatest living painters.

Huge paintings seethed with gaggles of girls, animals, monsters and other imaginary beings… Paula Rego moves beyond the appearance of things into another zone of feeling and knowledge. Her technical skills are consummate, and carry her art far beyond gritty caricature.

“The lives of women are her theme. If she were a medieval poet, you’d say she expressed the sorrows of the daughters of Eve. She’s inspired by the torments of convention and the perversity of social expectation.”

Rego’s women are mysterious and unsettling. They are strong but compliant, and they are ostriches, and they are children, scavenging for food, opening their dress to be shot.

The horror of her work, unfashionable for so long due to its painterly naturalism, seems appropriate now, as truths about the female experience are being peeled back, and a return to figurative painting has seen artists use the body to discuss, among other things, the sexist politics of art.

(Quotes from the Guardian)

These sessions are untutored and open to every level of skill.

LARA provide easels, chairs and drawing boards.

We will have a selection of paper and free materials courtesy of GreatArt.

Spaces are strictly limited to 30.
£20 tickets on sale via EventBrite in advance only


The collaboration between AMC and LARA has been brewing for a while now and is blowing all the traditions away – this will be a truly unique blend of your beloved AMC events set in an inspiring academic environment. LARA is unique in being the contemporary-minded atelier that welcomes AMC to reinvigorate life drawing!

AMC at LARA: tutored 360° pose life drawing

And now for something different for a traditional classical atelier: join this popular animation workshop with Art Model Collective and a guest tutor: talented animator, illustrator and a life drawing fiend, Aaron Jacob Jones!

This is an exciting opportunity to animate your drawings from life with the supervision and guidance by a pro animator.

We will set up one single pose in the life room on a rotating platform, and work with Aaron to help you animate your life drawings during this 3 hour session.

Our model Claudio will be posing as the classical sculpture of Saint Sebastian, an early Christian martyr and the subject of countless artworks that show him as a near-naked youth writhing as he is shot with arrows. What an exciting, sensuous and beautiful story to bring to life!

We’re going to spin Claudio 360 degrees and give everyone 8 different angles of the same pose. Aaron will guide you through the technicalities, suggesting to capture each angle as consistently as you can, using the same materials, colours and scale. At the end of the session, Aaron will explain how to turn your drawings into a spinning animation, using a website, a mobile app or even Photoshop. Even the simplest sketches will blend together to create the illusion of spinning movement.

The exercise will enhance your understanding of how to capture the structure of the figure in 3D, and seeing your artwork animated is always a quirky delight! 

TICKETS: £20 (plus booking fee) on EventBrite (spaces are strictly limited).

LARA provide easels, chairs and drawing boards.
Wheelchair access available.
Paper, pencils, charcoal, pastel and other materials included, courtesy of GreatArt.

AMC Sundays at LARA – I – Frida

Art Model Collective are thrilled to announce that will are starting a collaboration with LARA, bringing you your favourite and well-missed Sunday sessions at London Atelier Of Representational Arts in Clapham North.

Carla and Manko will host tribute to our favourite artist, Frida Kahlo, posing together in a combination of short and long, clothed and nude poses, set to specially curated soundtrack and live reading by our models.

Both AMC models have been posing at LARA for many years, but so far – only individually, in weeks-long sustained extended nude poses, usually in classic contrapposto…. that is, up til now!

This collaboration has been brewing for some time, and finally, our dynamic duo of hard-working full-time models are set to bring their own style, sparkle, vitality and glamour to the sober academic environment of the atelier.

Carla and Manko will plunge deep inside Frida’s creative mind to express our endless respect and admiration for the woman and artist, using the fascinating exhibition at the V&A as the perfect excuse. Let’s celebrate Frida in our own unique way, merging the artist and her paintings into a tableau vivant!

Let’s take the inspiration from the environment of this excellent classical drawing atelier and see what artistic cocktail our models can whip up at these relaxed, informal 3 hour Sunday afternoon sessions! It will be a truly unique blend of your beloved AMC events set in an academic environment.

These sessions will be untutored and open to every level of skill.

LARA provide chairs and drawing boards for all and there are easels available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will have a selection of paper and free materials courtesy of GreatArt. Artists are encouraged to experiment with different media – varied charcoals, pastels, pencils, pens and even chunky markers. (You are welcome to use wet materials like inks and watercolours, but please bring your own).

Advance tickets are on sale via EventBrite, and the spaces are limited.