Art Model Collective is a model-owned, model-organised and model-run life drawing group aiming to reclaim the power of the artists’ model through creating our own events and taking control of our artistic direction, while championing fair pay through profit share ethos.

This collective set out to bring something new to London’s life drawing scene: fun, expressive, dramatic, interactive, challenging multi-model tableaux vivant with passionate, professional, atelier-trained art models, who practice an ethical pay system based on profit share.

We organise and run our own life drawing events in London and beyond. With themes from modern and classic art, film, music, fashion and literature, we aim to entertain and inspire our followers – from absolute beginners to accomplished professionals.

We at AMC always welcome feedback from artists, encourage their involvement, listen to their requests and design the sessions they crave. We constantly collaborate with creatives from different disciplines to create bigger and better sessions, combining our skills with original artwork, live music, spoken word, high end fashion, or specialist tutoring from guest artists.

About the founders:

Art Model Collective has a core base of two professional models. Carla Tofano is a sultry Venezuelan pin-up beauty with beautiful feminine curves. Manko is a leggy blonde ex-fashion model who has posed for artists since childhood.

Both Manko and Carla have been working as professional life models for many years before teaming up to found Art Model Collective on the Mayday of 2016.

Together, they have different yet complimentary modelling styles and physiques, which create effective compositions bound to inspire most discerning artists. AMC models are committed to a very physical and dynamic style of pose, and are constantly channelling their connection and stamina into performance modelling.
Perhaps more significantly, the close friendship within AMC model team allows them to work together in an inimitable caring, dedicated, supportive style; daring yet tasteful expressive artistic poses fitting seamlessly together in a uniquely intuitive flow.

Art Model Collective concept of “free-range models”

To treat established professionals with the respect they deserve, to mentor and nurture new talent and create a healthier happier working environment, this model-run initiative aims to raise the standards of life modelling, to push the models and the artists to new heights of excellence.

Instead of settling for a low hourly fee offered by some unethical life class organisers (sometimes insultingly low, considering the prices you, artists, pay for the admission), AMC models decided to remove the “middle man” and host the sessions themselves.

After all, models aren’t just the main draw in an untutored life drawing session, they are indeed the very integral element, without whom the class wouldn’t even be able to take place!

Carla and Manko had an inkling that, if they just found a venue and an assistant, they could utilise their professional art model experience, their knowledge of art history, photography and lighting, their skills of styling and art direction to make this dream a reality.

We refuse to treat ourselves and our colleagues like mere lumps of flesh that barely deserve minimum living wage. We aim – for ourselves and our carefully selected guest models – to be fairly rewarded for the hard work, physical effort, skill and creative input that it takes to be the a model and a muse, the successful draw to amass a group of faithful followers.

If you want to see the models you love be paid what they deserve, come and join the revolution!

(Or if you don’t care about politics and activism, then remember that this financial scheme allows us the luxury of dramatic compositions with multiple professional models that most events could simply not afford).

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