AMC: now armed by GreatArt

By Manko

In two humble years of our existence, we at AMC have enjoyed a few incredible partnership deals. Last year, for example, we were awarded an artist residency at LimeWharf. And this year we enter into a partnership with London’s best art supply store!

Today we are thrilled to announce an exciting sponsorship deal with GreatArt, which means that Art Model Collective sessions will now have a fantastic variety of art materials available for free courtesy of GreatArt! This is truly GREAT news for our drop-ins and first-timers, as well as our more forgetful regulars.

Carla and Manko poring over the catalogue of art materials at the GreatArt store in Shoreditch this morning

We at AMC are lucky to have a friendly and nurturing group of artists. It’s GREAT to see our amazingly talented regulars socialising before, during and after our sessions, discussing each other’s work, sharing tips, and even encouraging each other to try new materials.

For example, our beloved charcoal master Frank Gambino was inspired by Jason Atomic’s dynamic sketches to pick up felt tips. “If your art’s in a rut, change your materials,” Frank says.

We were mesmerised to see the experimental shift in Frank’s style:

Frank Gambino’s charcoal and felt tip artwork produced at Art Model Collective sessions

And although we can’t decide which style we love more, it’s clear that having a variety of materials at a life drawing session is of GREAT importance.

A bit more about our sponsors:

“GreatArt UK belongs to Gerstaecker family which has been supplying art materials for over 50 years.

The company’s initial customers were therapy centres that used art in all its forms to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities. Today, artists from every walk of life benefit from the Gerstaecker specialist ability to source and supply the finest art materials currently available.

Still very much a family business, Gerstaecker prides itself on the experience and expertise of its managers and staff whose specialist knowledge of the art supplies industry helps to ensure the efficient operation of Europe’s most comprehensive and competitive one-stop shop for quality art materials.”

Pick up GreatArt catalogue at AMC sessions, and ask us for 20% discount voucher

Needless to say, Carla and Manko love the vast and welcoming Shoreditch store, where customers can enjoy a complimentary coffee while trying out art materials and specialist paper in the bright comfortable designated area.

And watch this space! It’s where Art Model Collective are bringing a special free life drawing session in June, to thank GreatArt staff and customers for this brilliant partnership.

AMC’s Manko and Carla in the window of GreatArt store

From now on, GREAT ART will be officially made at our sessions!  We can finally raise our “I Love Art” brand pencils to celebrate the fact that Art Model Collective’s sessions will have a seductive variety of art materials to help you create even more greatness from life.

Check out Art Model Collective feature in GreatArt online magazine!

And try out new materials at the next AMC session you attend:

AMC GreatArt free material table at Underdog Gallery 

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