AMC Sundays at LARA – III

Art Model Collective are thrilled to announce that will are starting a collaboration with LARA, bringing you your favourite and well-missed Sunday sessions at London Atelier Of Representational Arts in Clapham North.

Both AMC models, Carla and Manko, have been posing at LARA for many years, but so far – only individually, in weeks-long sustained extended nude poses, usually in classic contrapposto…. that is, up til now!

This collaboration has been brewing for some time, and finally, our dynamic duo of hard-working full-time models are set to bring their own style, sparkle, vitality and glamour to the sober academic environment of the atelier.

LARA is a well-resourced and highly professional atelier, established in 2008 in response to the rarity of rigorous, representational art education. It follows a highly-structured and systematic curriculum which emerged around the seventeenth century and later became the most common method of training painters. In its full-time and part-time courses, LARA teaches a methodical sight-size discipline in life drawing, painting and sculpture.

However this Autumn, AMC invite you to enter the well-equipped studio in Clapham North for a more relaxed approach to life drawing. Let’s take the inspiration from the environment of this excellent classical drawing atelier and see what artistic cocktail of inspiration our models can whip up at these relaxed, informal 3 hour Sunday afternoon sessions! It will be a truly unique blend of your beloved AMC events set in an academic environment.

Carla and Manko will host tributes to our favourite artists, posing together in a combination of short and long, clothed and nude poses, set to specially curated soundtrack.

These sessions will be untutored and open to every level of skill. 

Quick drawing is a great way to practise capturing the essence of a pose, without getting distracted by unnecessary detail. If an artist can capture the pose’s gesture and model’s basic body type in just a few well-judged lines, then they have mastered the block-in, the cornerstone on which any good drawing rests.

The drop-in sessions take place in the same figure room as the full-time course and therefore benefit from the excellent studio facilities. LARA studio has a range of different lighting options, from soft artificial light to harder spotlights of different colour temperatures, all at studio quality specifications.

LARA provide chairs and drawing boards for all and, additionally, there are easels available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will have a selection of paper and free materials courtesy of GreatArt. Artists are encouraged to experiment with different media – varied charcoals, pastels, pencils, pens and even chunky markers. (You are welcome to use wet materials like inks and watercolours, but please bring your own).

Advance tickets are on sale via EventBrite, and the spaces are limited.

Riverdale/Archie Comics tribute session Orbital Comics

Art Model Collective are returning to Orbital Comics to celebrate the launch of season 3 of Riverdale with an all-new life drawing class!

If you’ve seen Manko and Carla, then you know this model duo was MADE for the roles of Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics! Expect many fun outfits and scenarios, with Archie and maybe even gluttonous snark Jughead making an appearance.

Fun soundtrack, free refreshments, and relaxed life drawing at an Eisner award-winning comic shop in West End of London – what’s not to love?!

This groovy class is curated by Jason Atomic and features a specially curated Spotify playlist and free refreshments. And in case you’re unable to bring your own art supplies, free materials are provided too.

Tickets: £20 – book instore or online at:

Psychology of drawing: AMC workshop with Frank Gambino

Art Model Collective return to Underdog Gallery for Tuesday evening’s multi-model life drawing session.

This time we will have a guest artist, the brilliant charcoal master Frank Gambino, to share his measuring and sketching techniques, as well as discuss the psychology of drawing.

We will have long nude poses with Carla and Manko, so join us and Frank to immerse yourself in a long luxurious relaxed drawing or painting session!

All levels welcome!
Bar, table spaces and some easels.
Free paper and art materials courtesy of GreatArt

Tickets: £15 in advance or £20 cash on the door.

Euan Uglow-inspired multimodel life drawing

As a theme for one of our summer life drawing sessions, we thought we should embrace the heat and get completely naked for a change.

This time we are inspired by a figurative British artist, Euan Uglow (1932–2000).

Predominantly a painter of the human figure, Uglow always worked directly from life. His method was meticulous, involving a great deal of measuring and correction to create images that are not hyper real, but appear almost sculptural.

The measuring process was laborious and time-consuming to the point that Uglow himself joked that he began painting one model when she was engaged, was still painting when she got married and did not finish painting until she was divorced!

However, don’t worry! Art Model Collective will not bore you with academic set-ups lasting half a lifetime. You will get expressive dynamic nude poses of 10-30 mins, allowing you to focus on the measurement in Uglow’s style… or just to draw in your own favourite style as usual.

His paintings have a simplicity that seems to grow in character thanks to the nature of the poses. This time expect a very low key, yet visually accurate set-up with a variety of poses that will remind you why Uglow is a painter particularly admired by painters and art students alike.

£15 admission on the door.

Bar, evocative soundtrack, like-minded group of creatives, at Underdog Gallery – a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station.

We’ll have free art materials courtesy of GreatArt sponsorship for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

All levels welcome.

In case you wish to take up the challenge of Euan Uglow’s tribute, let’s look more into his method of working.

“Uglow preferred that his canvas be a square, a golden rectangle, or a rectangle of exact root value.

He then carried out careful measurements at every stage of painting, a method Coldstream had imparted to him and which is identified with the painters of the Euston Road School. 

Standing before the subject to be painted, Uglow registered measurements by means of a metal instrument of his own design (derived from a modified music stand); with one eye closed and with the arm of the instrument against his cheek, keeping the calibrations at a constant distance from the eye, the artist could take the measure of an object or interval to compare against other objects or intervals he saw before him. 

Such empirical measurements enable an artist to paint what the eye sees without the use of conventional perspective. 

The surfaces of Uglow’s paintings carry many small horizontal and vertical markings, where he recorded these coordinates so that they could be verified against reality.”

Bodies Deconstructed

Image credits: Miles Johnston, Salvador Dalí, Iluá Hauck da Silva, Zoltan Toth



Imagine two models mixing up nude body parts and props in surreal compositions!

We’re holding this session in our temporary home under the railway arches of London Bridge station.
The room features a red curtain screen, which captured our imagination and inspired us to create a set of magic realism, with dismembered, deconstructed body parts of two models coming through the gaps in the curtains.

Please join us for this red hot summer session in a cool recess of a railway arch.

Entry: £15

Location: Unit 3 Holyrood court, Holyrood street, SE1 2EL, London Bridge
(just behind our usual Underdog Gallery)

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, courtesy of Great Art, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

There is no bar in this venue but feel free to bring your own!

All levels welcome.

Hosted by Jason Atomic


Viva Frida! AMC tribute to “Making Herself Up” Tate exhibition

Viva Frida!

Iconic artist, feminist symbol, fashion inspiration, transgressive beauty idol and – let’s be honest – a life drawing cliche… But we can’t resist – and why the hell should we – the opportunity to celebrate the V&A’s exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up”!

From June 16th this exhibition will be seen outside of Mexico for the first time. For 50 years after her death, all the clothes, personal objects and artefacts owned by Frida were locked away, according her husband’s wishes. Once this enforced isolation was up they were exhibited in Mexico City from 2004 and are now finally on tour, stopping before anywhere else in London at the V&A.

It’s time for Art Model Collective to finally embrace this popular life drawing classic and plunge deep inside Frida’s wonderful mind, to express our endless respect and admiration for the woman and artist, using this fascinating exhibition at the V&A as the perfect excuse. Let’s celebrate Frida in our own unique way, with the reproduction of her less emblematic painterly in a way that has become Carla and Manko’s signature style – our regular public displays of affection towards the arts.

Frida’s colours and visual references are a divine celebration of her very Mexican sense of femininity, her prolific and surreal imagery a constant fight against anything that could oppress her determination to be intensely alive through her joys, believes, fears and torments.

We will create our homage using Frida’s most important legacies and by avoiding the obvious, committing instead to creating a tableaux vivant that will be as tragic, as it will be inspiring and emotionally liberating. You can expect readings – with a Spanish accent – of her poems by our very own South American model, Carla, as well as a very energetic and passionate playlist, and a set filled with words, blood, flowers, love, hate and all of Kahlo’s visual obsessions.

But ultimately you can expect a powerful connection with the Frida Mania that will be engulfing London during the height of summer.

Even if you have already been to any of the many Frida sessions held around London before now, please come to this one too: A character, personality and presence the size of Frida’s deserves as many celebrations as possible and – we promise – you won’t forget this one.

Location: Unit 3 Holyrood court, Holyrood street, SE1 2EL, London Bridge
(just behind our usual Underdog Gallery)

Admission: £15 on the door

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

All levels welcome.

Hosted by Jason Atomic

AMC at GreatArt: Blade Runner in-store session!

Art Model Collective are thrilled to start a sponsorship deal with GreatArt, London’s best art megastore.
To celebrate the beginning of this exciting partnership, we are bringing a FREE public life drawing session to the GreatArt store in Shoreditch!

Carla and Manko will design a dramatic dynamic costumed drawing session after the classical Blade Runner characters, Rachael and Pris.

The interactive expressive multi-model poses will be set in the “doodling” corner inside the store, and all GreatArt customers are welcome to join in this 3 hour event for free!

We hope to see you there!

AMC: 360° pose drawing with animator Aaron Jacob Jones

Due to a popular demand, we are bringing you another opportunity to animate your drawings with a supervision and guidance by a pro animator!

We at Art Model Collective love to hear artists’ feedback and input. One of our regulars, extremely talented illustrator and animator Aaron Jacob Jones, suggested trying to bring a pose to life with animation, and of course we are happy to oblige!

Carla will set up one single pose in the centre of the gallery on a rotating platform, and work with Aaron to help you animate your life drawings during this 2.5 hour session.

We’re going to spin Carla 360 degrees and give everyone 8 different angles of the same pose. Aaron will guide you through the technicalities of this challenge, suggesting to capture each angle as consistently as you can, using the same materials, colours and scale.

At the end of the session, Aaron will explain how to turn your 8 drawings into a spinning animation, using a website, a mobile app or even Photoshop. Even the simplest sketches will blend together to create the illusion of spinning movement.

The exercise will enhance your understanding of how to capture the structure of the figure in 3D, and seeing your artwork animated is always a quirky delight.

Bar, soundtrack, tutoring, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station.

Admission: £15 on the door

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

All levels welcome.

AMC presents BOYS LOVE: queer multi-model life drawing

On this extraordinary evening, AMC introduce our followers to a pair of gorgeous male guest models!

In this session curated by Carla, two professional models Riccardo and António – partners in performance, in crime and in love,- will share with us their lust for life in a fabulous display of passion and affection.

This session will shine the Underdog Gallery’s lights on the intimacy and complicity of two models who are, in both their personal and public life, as devoted to each other as they are to the objects of their pleasures and desires.

First they will invite the artist into their dressing room, offering a rare and privileged opportunity to spy on a moment of intense intimacy. They will be posing as artists draw them in meticulous preparation. You will glimpse them doing their make up and trying on fabulous pieces of clothing, in a relaxing yet intoxicating atmosphere full of anticipation.

This moment of intimacy will be followed by the chance to capture them in all their splendour, as they strike a pose ready to be the owners of the night.

From these two beautiful models and alternative quirky performers, we should expect nothing less than splendid, eclectic and luminous outfits, extravagant accessories, red lipstick and flexible poses in high heels – they are, by far and away, the best styled double act on the queer scene!

Boy, you can’t possibly miss this!


Hosted by Carla Tofano

Admission: £15 on the door

Bar, evocative soundtrack, two models, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station.

We’ll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

All levels welcome.

AMC: now armed by GreatArt

In two humble years of our existence, we at AMC have enjoyed a few incredible partnership deals. Last year, for example, we were awarded an artist residency at LimeWharf. And this year we enter into a partnership with London’s best art supply store!

Today we are thrilled to announce an exciting sponsorship deal with GreatArt, which means that Art Model Collective sessions will now have a fantastic variety of art materials available for free courtesy of GreatArt! This is truly GREAT news for our drop-ins and first-timers, as well as our more forgetful regulars.

Carla and Manko poring over the catalogue of art materials at the GreatArt store in Shoreditch this morning

We at AMC are lucky to have a friendly and nurturing group of artists. It’s GREAT to see our amazingly talented regulars socialising before, during and after our sessions, discussing each other’s work, sharing tips, and even encouraging each other to try new materials.

For example, our beloved charcoal master Frank Gambino was inspired by Jason Atomic’s dynamic sketches to pick up felt tips. “If your art’s in a rut, change your materials,” Frank says.

We were mesmerised to see the experimental shift in Frank’s style:

Frank Gambino’s charcoal and felt tip artwork produced at Art Model Collective sessions

And although we can’t decide which style we love more, it’s clear that having a variety of materials at a life drawing session is of GREAT importance.

A bit more about our sponsors:

“GreatArt UK belongs to Gerstaecker family which has been supplying art materials for over 50 years.

The company’s initial customers were therapy centres that used art in all its forms to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities. Today, artists from every walk of life benefit from the Gerstaecker specialist ability to source and supply the finest art materials currently available.

Still very much a family business, Gerstaecker prides itself on the experience and expertise of its managers and staff whose specialist knowledge of the art supplies industry helps to ensure the efficient operation of Europe’s most comprehensive and competitive one-stop shop for quality art materials.”

Pick up GreatArt catalogue at AMC sessions, and ask us for 20% discount voucher

Needless to say, Carla and Manko love the vast and welcoming Shoreditch store, where customers can enjoy a complimentary coffee while trying out art materials and specialist paper in the bright comfortable designated area.

And watch this space! It’s where Art Model Collective are bringing a special free life drawing session in June, to thank GreatArt staff and customers for this brilliant partnership.

AMC’s Manko and Carla in the window of GreatArt store

From now on, GREAT ART will be officially made at our sessions!  We can finally raise our “I Love Art” brand pencils to celebrate the fact that Art Model Collective’s sessions will have a seductive variety of art materials to help you create even more greatness from life.

Check out Art Model Collective feature in GreatArt online magazine!

And try out new materials at the next AMC session you attend:

AMC GreatArt free material table at Underdog Gallery